With Maegan Magathan

June 25, 2011 – 8pm


June 25, 2011 – 8pm

DoubleVision: Notes and Drawings on the US Military Presence in post-Cold War Asia by Sukjong Hong
Sukjong Hong discusses her (secret) research on the US military presence in post-Cold War Asia. As an American citizen Hong has had special access to US bases overseas, but as a Korean she has also been able to walk freely in base-towns. In this talk, Hong tries to make sense of this double perspective in creative ways, through drawing and modified photographs.

Analog Edmonton: Documenting a City’s Unseen Properties by Maegan Magathan
Maegan Magathan discusses the ubiquity of cell phone photography and the role it plays for “place-making” and civic identity. Using Edmonton, Alberta as a case-study (a Canadian prairie town dressed up as a big city), Maegan contemplates beauty in a place nobody would ever want to visit.

Ungentlemanly Behavior: the Mid-Century Misfit Revolution in American Mountaineering by Seppe Kuehn
Mountaineering in the early 20th century was largely the territory of state-sanctioned expeditions and exclusive European climbing clubs for the wealthy. Post-war, the vanguard of climbing relocated to the American West, commandeered by a new generation of dissident mountaineers who innovated new means and methods of ascent as they re-defined which peaks were climbable and who could climb them. This talk explores the mid-century transition in mountaineering methods and culture through the influences of three climbers of the misfit era: Royal Robbins (the philosopher), Yvon Chouinard (the engineer) and Fred Beckey (the vagabond).

Sukjong Hong researches and writes by moonlight for online publications and blogs, including the Institute for Policy Studies and Triple Canopy. She studied urban planning and architecture, but spends a lot of time organizing campaigns, drawing, and dreaming up art interventions. She has traveled to and coordinated study trips and programs visiting South Korea, North Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Japan.

Maegan Magathan is a Masters student in architecture, though she often finds herself fascinated with smaller things such as Pyrex crockery and orphaned chairs. She currently tends to a public forum that encourages the playful reinterpretation of shared space in her hometown: analog-u-edmonton.tumblr.com.

Seppe Kuehn is a semi-retired amateur mountaineer and a full time scientist.